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By irishc180
The CAA said to yours truly in a recent email ...

"In order to comply with Article 28(2) of the Air Navigation Order 2016, any person who becomes the owner of an aircraft registered in the UK must advise the CAA within 28 days in writing to that effect"
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By irishc180
If it was me, and I had the email address for both A &B. I'd send an email to aircraft.reg at caa dot co dot uk and CC the pair. State the facts in bullet points, that the aircraft was sold by bill of sale dated XYZ from insurance company to C. Also include a bill of sale from C to D and state your position in the transaction. As you are no doubt aware it is a requirement of blah blah mentioned above that parties must notify the CAA. In order to rectify the situation, we need to process a change of ownership out of the names A & B so as the aircraft can ultimately be removed from the register by the beneficial owner. It's important that person D becomes the owner and then de-registers it to put it on his home register as it proves he is the owner.

James/Sue/Rory all the bods in Registration are practical folks. A & B will soon see sense.

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