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I think these books are needed for the exams. I am yet to start . But would like to buy used books if some one is selling . Cant find any other others publishing other than Pooleys. Is this the only Publisher? I can find some books on amazon used but not sure if there are different years eg: for law we might need latest one.. Please advice
Hi George

I am a fellow student and have original Pooleys books from 10yrs ago. I have found a lot of the info outdated (airspace classifications changed in 2016, Diesel engines are used more widely than in 2008 etc). Apparently Air Law is something that changes very often - and that’ll probably be your first exam, so I’d advise you buy a new one of those at least.

The Pooleys books are a very hard, long read. I love aviation and even I feel my eyes wandering off the page after a paragraph or two!!

Having said that, they are a great reference material and the only thing that I’ve found so far to pull the whole course together.

If you like apps, the EASA PPL exam tutor app gives you the air law practice exams for free.

The helpful guys and posts on this forum have pointed me to the Skyway Code before which is really helpful and easy to ingest (for me!)

https://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CA ... _INTER.pdf

Good luck!

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Attend a free GASCO safety-evening, learn something get a load of freebies including the latest issue of "Skyway-code" (in a handy folder with a pen, cockpit quick-reference and other goodies. It would be churlish to not slip a tenner in the collection-jar, but the "code" itself is about £13....so you're ahead! No qualifications needed (just as well! ) and everyone from a man with tens of thousands of hours to a lad that had booked his first "trial-flight." Yes! go for a new "air-law"...exams lag behind the changes, so the "new" answer is "wrong" for some questions, but either or both answers are a pass!...Human Performance may change slightly, as medical-science advances, but all the Nav, physics of flight, Met. are still the same. used books via ebay, Amazon , AFORS and various other sites including Flyer-forum! I bought a set of used Trevor Thoms about 30 years ago, and can confirm the earth still revolves the same (and I still don't have a pilot's licence!
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About 5 years before I took the plunge into getting my PPL, I had an aborted attempt which included me buying the full set of Pooleys (then Thom) books. I read through Air Law at the time before putting my PPL plans on hold.

When I actually committed to doing the PPL, I bought the AFE AirLaw book, and found it a lot easier going than the Thom book was. As a result, I standardised on this set while studying.

My advice would be to have a look at both (borrow them if the cost of buying two copies of the book bothers you) and make your own decision based on what fits you best.

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