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By ChampChump
CloudHound wrote:Whilst on an LAA vibe, did anyone receive their 2020 wall planner with the magazine. I didn’t so wondered if it was an oversight.

Hey, Skip, I could be wrong...I have an inkling it didn't/doesn't arrive until the January issue.
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By Kemble Pitts
Not enough, you need fivek handles to (two, too, 2) make it work.

No year planner in my mag either. Not a problem as I doubt anybody actually uses them nowadays, not with wall space being in such short supply.
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By BobD
The whole Forum is down this morning. Maybe it's undergoing the long awaited revamp to fix the many bugs.

I believe in Father Christmas too! :roll:
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By Chris Martyr
BobD wrote:The whole Forum is down this morning.

This morning ?
I've [unsuccessfully] tried posting on there for about 2 weeks now Bob . It has been updated in the last 24hrs with piccies of Santa , plus the Christmas office opening times , which made me wonder if the forum issues had been resolved. Except they haven't because I attempted to post and got the same old "too few characters" message .

Perhaps it's coz all the "characters" are on here ...... :D
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By cirrostratus
I know that they have been having IT problems. Tried to pay for a permit renewal via the online shop recently and it kept coming up with error codes . Got it sorted via telephone and Permit issued with their usual 2 day turnround :thumleft:
By Chris Martyr
ChampChump wrote:I'm persona non grata now. ...

Blimey Nic.....
If a distinguished lady aviator like yourself goes unrecognised ...........What hope do we normal aviators have ?

<cue Scots accent>..............Weir allll doooooomed ......... :D
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By ChampChump
Ah, it seems I'm partially rehabilitated. I can log in from the PC, but like others, am a recipient of the 'too few characters' response.

I didn't have anything sensible to say, though. No change there.
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By mikehallam
It's pretty obvious Innit - --

The BMAA take over has subsumed them !

And let me be the first to say "Happy Christmas" to everyone.
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By Sooty25
mikehallam wrote:It's pretty obvious Innit - --

The BMAA take over has subsumed them !

And let me be the first to say "Happy Christmas" to everyone.

maybe after the BMAA/LAA merger/takeover they will invest in the web presence and bring it into this millennium!

Christmas! Boo! not yet man! we don't need reminders to start shopping for the missus yet!
By cockney steve
^^^^^^^^Oddly, Microlight forum dot com seems to have the expected suspects as members and seems to tick along. Certainly the BMAA site has the appearance of long-abandoned tumbleweed.

I have also "lurked" in the LAA site and that does seem to have a little more interest.....or in the case of the "Solo Stearman " controvosy, a very lively discussion!
Yes, I know, I should get out more :oops: