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By Shrek235
While I no longer fly, I remember on the more tricky segments of my Venice trip back in 2017, saying to myself that I really ought to send Tim and team a thank you email for the delivery of such a fine product. There were bits of the program that I never really used but used them to the full on that awesome trip and my admiration of the minds that could produce this program grew. So a fitting thread to say thank you, however late; Thank you. :D
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By Dave W
And what did that lead to, @Tim Dawson

People whinging "But when do we get an Android version?", that's what.

Moral: Nothing good comes of listening to your customers. :wink:

PS I note from Wikipedia that SD v1.0 pre-dates the iPad by 4 months!
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By akg1486
Dave W wrote:PS I note from Wikipedia that SD v1.0 pre-dates the iPad by 4 months

And then Apple made the iPad Mini just so GA pilots could fit SkyDemon comfortably on a kneeboard.
Yes, but the ones to the left are not Tim.
By hatzflyer
Anyone remember the old Decca chain ? Always used to drop out just when you needed it. What a quantum leap to SkyDemon !!!!

Keep up the good work Team Skydemon .......Almost a case of " so many owe so much to so few "