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By flybymike
Ramp Access to UK GA aprons. Security Protocols"

The above thread has disappeared, not just locked and left in place.
What heinous crime has been committed?
Will this post even see the light of day?
There were some concerns raised about some of the contents of the thread by someone who knows a lot about such things, so one of the admin team sensibly moved it out of the public domain while we look into it (while carrying on with our days jobs at the same time).

Sorry there's nothing more sinister to report.
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By riverrock
thanks - that thread I posted to was (I think) 7 months old, I didn't add any new info to it, and the details and standards can be found on the CAA website so hopefully a cursory check would be fine.
The questions were about local implementations and consistency of the standards which seems a sensible discussion topic.
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By Sooty25
in the same way me having to work on Sunday, ultimately deprived me the opportunity to respond to being quoted in the London Bridge thread, which got locked before I got home, we just have to live with it!
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By Sooty25
TheFarmer wrote:I liked the way the Moderator had his say on that, and then instantly switched to Admin mode to lock it off.

:lol: :roll:

come on, be fair, there was a 6 minute delay! :lol:
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By flybymike
townleyc wrote:
flybymike wrote:I was about to add a remark before......there it was......gorn.......


Did you ever play the French horn?

Sorry - obscure Flanders and Swan reference



I've lost that horn!
I know I was using it yesterday.
I've lost that horn, lost that horn,
Found that horn gorn. :wink:
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