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By RichJordan
A word of caution on the AirCrew device, linked above.

I, along with a hangar pal ordered one in Summer 2018. After countless excuses and delays, it finally arrived in November or December. And didn't work.

Both were sent back. I ended up getting a full refund, and ended up buying a new aircraft with Dynon kit. My mate also got a refund, but is holding out for it to (finally) be released. He's still waiting over a year after the original delivery date.

It might be a great device when it comes out, but I'd wait until a few have been delivered before committing.
By thegasguy
Duncan M;
Will be happy to post a picture - I'm very proud of it !
I'm on holiday, so if it's not on my phone I'll do as soon as I get home Friday.
By the way it was actually done to accommodate my ridiculous long legs, so if you are a weird shape like me it has other benefits as well !
By thegasguy
Re pics, the slip ball has now been replaced with Trig mode S transponder, as was planned from the outset, and the old transponder hanging down has been removed.
This allowed me to move the sub-assembly with the throttle and fuel valve etc to the right a fair bit to avoid knocking my knee on it.
Anyway- re o.p. - the EFIS is perfectly visible in all lighting conditions and boots up instantly,
a really good bit of kit.
I'm sure the others are good as well- I have no experience of them.
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By Miscellaneous
thegasguy wrote:I'm very proud of it !

I can see why, clean, tidy and functional. Thanks for posting. :thumleft:

Good thread this, may end up costing me though! :shock: