Where have you been? What have you seen?

As one does, on Tuesday I arrived on Air Transat from an early morning cold wet start in Guildford, went to the Flying Beaver for a bite to eat, and then went flying in the Warrior.

Yesterday, Thursday the Red Arrows did fly pasts of Victoria, and Vancouver so here are my images:

It was a very good Best of British event on the waterfront.
There were stalls with Red Arrows ground staff talking to many people, handing out pamphlets, booklets, and Union Jacks.
One stall was handing out two at a time boxes of Yorkshire Tea, I managed to get three for free, greedy me.
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He went home commercially as I can't imagine a small single-engined aircraft would be the option of choice. They've got 12 jets out there so there are a couple of spares. If it all goes wrong Red 10 will lose his mount first. If he's not commentating he'll usually be hanging around with the photographer in the back so that's probably the other one you saw around the place.