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Is it necessary to splash out on an ANR headset at the stage of flying career you’re at? Personally I don’t think you need to when a good passive set will work perfectly well while you’re training and be cheaper. Exams, study materials and medical will soon ramp up the costs, aside from paying for the flying.

And it’s not a fashion show. Your headset should be comfortable first and foremost. You’ll have enough to think about without worrying about an uncomfortable headset....

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i know where you're coming from and to be honest i keep going back and forth with the ANR thing after reading so many forum threads. Some say get the cheapest for now, others say just buy ANR now, you'll end up getting one anyway.

looked into the uflymike, i think the avee product looks a bit better engineered. I'm not too sure about these add ons tbh. Mixed reviews.
For what it's worth (and I know you said no green headsets...) I bought a pair of David Clark 13.4s for £60 off Gumtree after my second lesson. New gel ear deals, mike foam and headband made it good as new, and much better than the cheap, old and tatty club headsets. I then invested in an ANR kit a year or so later, and have been happily using that combo for the last 6 years - ANR is definitely worth it. To be honest I would be concerned about the robustness of the QC25 (or any consumer headphones) in an aviation environment, the DCs are built like a tank and will last forever.

Having said that, I have just bought a tatty Bose Aviation X to refurbish off ebay! It's mainly so the DCs can become a decent passenger headset rather than having any issue using them as my main pair.
gyrotyro wrote:Hello

I have two brand new RayTalk ANR headset with Bluetooth.

You can make and receive phone calls whilst flying and the quality is so good that the other person can’t tell that you are flying.

£400 each of £750 for the pair including postage.

See my posting further down the page for pictures