Where have you been? What have you seen?
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By WelshRichy
Mine was Cardiff to Swansea land away for coffee and cake with my Grandad in one of the schools Tomahawks. The first of many flights with him, even toured California together for a couple of weeks in a rented Archer in 2000! He wasn't a pilot but had a great interest in flying and helped me enormously with my PPL exams, remember spending hours over at his house armed with my Trevor Thom books he would ask me questions verbally (just like an Oral exam!), really helped cement the knowledge. This was in the good old era before the age of smartphones and apps. Actually it was before I even had my first brick of a mobile phone! :D
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By derekf
Mine was a flight to Deauville with Mrs derekf when they had an excellent restaurant on the airfield. At least she got to enjoy the wine :wink:
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By Rob L
Wicksay wrote:Thanks for sharing your first post ppl solo trips.

I'm really looking forward to mine whatever and wherever it might be. I'm aiming for early next year.

I persuaded my worst enemy to come with me on my first solo. Either we'd both survive, in which case I'd have a new best friend, or we'd both die in a horrific crash, which would rid me of my worst enemy.

Well I survived. (I have a parachute).
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By jerry_atrick
As soon as my licence arrived, I booked the shareoplane and did an hour of circuits... mainly to get used to the plane, which didn't take long. Landed, planned and then flew a short hop to Booker.. Hoped to grab a bite at the restaurant at Booker as I had eaten there a few times before and found it quite good. But, alas, it was closed. Back to Fairoaks, enjoying solo flying but realised it is a pastime enjoyed much better flying with someone else.