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By defcribed
Sir Morley Steven wrote:Blackbushe is close to a million golf courses. Hartley Wintney and Fleet are closest, about 10 mins in a taxi. If you want to spend as much playing as flying in, Wentworth is about 20 mins away in a cab.
Flying in from the north, just south of Wokingham there is *gulp* a disused golf course!

Fleet is more usually known as North Hants and is a very good course, if a little short by modern standards.

Fairoaks rather than the 'bushe is closer to the best of the Surrey/Berkshire courses. Short taxi rides will take you to the likes of Sunningdale, Worplesdon, Woking, The Berkshire, Swinley Forest, etc. These are fairly serious private members' clubs though, so unless you're signed in by a member you're paying a fairly serious visitors green fee.
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By kanga
ISTR from working there in '60s that there are a lot of championship standard ones near Prestwick, some of them public courses.

[both my parents were fanatical golfers, so I was dragged round courses at an early age in all weathers, and told that it was fun. It rather put me off taking it up :wink: ]
By Bill McCarthy
Some airfields can be too close. When I flew out of Hucknall (with a golf course just over the fence) one Cessna 150 was hit by a golf ball that was accelerated through the windscreen by the prop, passed between the two occupants and embedded itself in some kit behind the seats. Another at the same place hit the “flap” under the fuselage of a Jodel 1050, making a nice dent in it. Was always told when going in over the fence to look our for golfers who seemed to line up for incoming aircraft.
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By peterlondon
That's interesting...

I was chatting to a pilot based at Bodmin whilst at the LAA rally last week and he had heard a rumour that the join between the runway and the road has been improved by the greenkeepers.

Disappointing as 420m limits the aircraft that can safely land to types that probably can't:- carry golf clubs; carry 4 people; safely cover any reasonable distance with a fuel reserve.