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For pilots who - like me - fly EASA aircraft on an NPPL SSEA, this http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/ORS4N01309.pdf looks important, but somewhat impenetrable.

We have been flying EASA aircraft on an NPPL SSEA under an exemtion, which is currently valid until 7/4/2020. This exemption has been replaced by a derogation, valid until 8/4/2020.

In the doc on the link, the CAA says that after that date pilots will have to "have taken the steps necessary to have their licences converted in accordance with the requirements of Annex II to EU Regulation No. 1178/2011 as amended".

The only bit of that Annex which I found relevant is that if you're going from a national PPL (A) to a regular PPL (A), you have to demonstrate more than 70 hours' experience in airplanes and use of radio nav aids.

In the email about this doc, though, the CAA says that "licencing arrangements beyond 2020 are not yet in place, but this is something we are working on".

Clear as mud, then. But things are moving along.
i am sure someone can explain the change in “legal instrument” but no point in worrying yet until Saint Boris or Sainte Jo or Comrade Jeremy or whoever is in charge later this year decides if we are to continue to be an EASA State in future. If we are not, why worry at all [about this particular aspect]
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