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I have been an infrequent visitor for family, and likely the frequency will now increase. I was in there last week and plan again next. I agree - very easy experience in and out.

The LLR procedures complicate things a little, but not too much with a bit of pre-planning; necessary because it inevitably gets a bit busy as you approach the ATZ.

The simple self-service fuel pumps in particular should be installed everywhere as standard! :thumleft:
Flew there for the 1st time in January, for a few days work related visit.
They were a delight. Helpful in the tower, the office, and a couple of the team helped the Numpty (me) who arrived without a towbar, to get the aerey into a hangar.
Reasonable fees too.
Long may it last.
Highly recommended.
For me, I just wish they had Tarmac, but it won't stop me returning.
Rules of the Air, Rule 11 Flight within aerodrome traffic zones.
(6) The commander of an aircraft flying within the aerodrome traffic zone of an aerodrome must—

(c) if the aircraft is fitted with means of communication by radio with the ground, communicate the aircraft’s position and height to the air traffic control unit, the flight information centre or the air/ground communications service unit at the aerodrome (as the case may be) on entering the aerodrome traffic zone and immediately prior to leaving it.

I learnt to fly at Barton in the early 70s and spent the next 32 years there in various roles. So I have an emotional connection.

Getting back to flying in 2014 after a 10 year hiatus and now doing quite a bit, this rule has not been foremost in my mind. In fact on reflection, I can't recall over the past 5 years whether I've complied or not at many aerodromes with an ATZ.

Suffice to say I've not been pulled up about any failures nor received instructions to present myself for 're-education'. However, my comments elsewhere about the prevalence of paperwork being raised on account of failing to adhere to this rule in fact centre on this location.

I'm happy to now follow this rule to the letter, but feel that mentoring Forumites who might operate into and out of my spiritual aviation home and may have forgotten its importance is worth bringing up.
Good luck getting the required info out of your mouth in time when leaving an ATZ with a busy frequency or leaving a busy fly in during the home time rush hour.
I must listen out on the next aero expo and LAA fly ins and see how many I can count who manage the achievement.
G-BLEW wrote:Flew in on Friday and back out on Saturday

If was also there on Saturday, taking my Project Propeller veteran for the flight I promised him when we couldn't fly to Coventry.

Very helpful FISOs as I was cutting it fine and had barely left the ATZ when they closed. A big thanks to them. :thumleft:

My first visit to Barton was earlier this year. Quite a likeable airfield and patently the bumpy strip is now well sorted. I approached from the North and left via the LLR. I felt more comfortable with the former.

Two caffs now. The new one* seems to be linked to a motor business with ex-servicemen resettlement aims if I read things correctly. Much more restful than the other, which on weekdays seems to be largely a crèche

Edit: *Veterans Garage Lounge

Rob P
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Been using Barton to visit Manchester since we moved northwards. Apart from the soggy problems in the winter it is perfect. Short taxi ride to the city centre and a tiny fraction of Ringway’s cost. Don’t diss the kids in the cafe - they are the next generation of pilots and aircraft enthusiasts.
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