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By Genghis the Engineer
Just watching the thread, as I would like a chute too and have found it very difficult to find anybody who actually wants to talk about selling even new ones (which I'm happy to buy in my case so I promise not to poach anything the OP is after).

By Kemble Pitts
I just bought one from LX Avionics at Turweston. Nice chaps who peddle Softie parachutes and Mars parachutes.

Softie quite pricey but on a short lead time, Mars a fair bit cheaper but takes months to get one.

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By Kemble Pitts
I just bought one from LX at Turweston.

They sell Softie parachutes and Mars parachutes. Softies being pricey but on a short lead time, Mars being a fair bit cheaper but take months to get one.

I bought a Softie.
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By foxmoth
We have a Softie for sale, says a short on the label but has the seat pad on it, bought for our biplane but we need a seat chute rather than backpack one. comes with a carrier, dated 2012 but only ever really sat in a dry cupboard. Based in Barton but can deliver for fuel and landing fee.
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By Genghis the Engineer
@foxmoth - happy to give @JonnyS first dibs as he asked first, but I'd be interested to have a look at that if he's not interested. Would you do a "sale or return" on the basis of parcel it to me, and I'll either send it back, with the outgoing postage, or some agreed sum less than a new one, but considerably more than nothing?

Alternately, we can pick a day and I'll fly up to Barton in the aeroplane I'd most like to use it in, and maybe borrow it for an hour - but sadly, parcelforce is probably more cost effective. On the other hand, I have done far too little fun flying in recent months and it would be a good excuse.

Can you identify the model from here: http://www.softieparachutes.com/softie-lineup.html ?

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By foxmoth
It says a Softie Mini on the label though as I said it has the seat pad a la Softie Long - if you let me have your email I can send a photo of the chute and the label but away tomorrow until Tuesday so can’t do more until then, I can do the post, you can come up or I might be able to bring it down. Not had anything back from JonnyS in spite of a PM to him.
By terryws
I have two GQ parachutes for sale. Back type, previously used in gliders. They need repacking. Old and the cases are a bit worn, so cheap at £250 each, or amke an offer

By Kemble Pitts
Not wishing to rain on anybody's party but this is safety critical kit.

It is worth noting that parachute manufacturers usually declare a 'life' for their products.

Softie (from memory) say that their parachutes have a life of 20 years. This is not a re-pack life but an absolute, throw it away, life.

If you have decided that you need a parachute and are buying 'used' I'd recommend finding out the date of manufacture and compare that to the manufacturer's declared life. You might not want the additional worry of 'is the thing going to work' when you really need it?
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By Genghis the Engineer
They do, although technically that's for the chute and lines, not the whole assembly I believe. Also a mandatory 6 month repack (identical to FAA regulations).

Personally I am now in possession of Foxmoth's 7 year old Softie, and have agreed a price which I'll pay him once my local rigger has confirmed it is fully serviceable. Being a sensible aviator and honest man, Foxmoth was entirely happy with that. I'd recommend that anybody else takes a similar approach.

By G109B
I have a Metryka SK-94 here dated 1993-03-01 which has been well looked after, and passed as perfectly serviceable at its last repack.
I cannot charge for it in view of its age, so anyone willing to collect from near the London Gliding Club is welcome to it for free.
Take it to an inspector/repacker and you might have a bargain.
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By Rob L
No one's trundled out the oldie but goodie on this on in the two months since the OP, but I have a parachute for sale. Used once, never opened. Some slight staining. :cheese: