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By JonnyS
I took this last Saturday over Cirencester. Click for full size.

I've since posted it in a number of non-aviation photography groups and it's good that I'm getting challenged by people who assume its from a drone. It seems the message about operating them illegally (near aircraft, above 400ft etc) is sinking in.
By PeterMa
Very nice … I've been in a similar situation ( with no camera :( ) - but my first thought at the time was 'where the XXXX are the others !!!!' ……….
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By avtur3
JonnyS wrote:Yes I was expecting to see all 9 in echelon, but they were in fact flying in two groups of five (with Red 10).

Many years ago while enroute from Liverpool to Caernarfon we saw 5 + 5 while overhead Bangor, no camera (pre mobile phone days!) but it was nice to hear radio messages mantioning us and 'the Reds' ... sorry I know that orbably sounds a bit sad.