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By MikePhillipson

So I have a UK PPL(A) and used to fly from Headcorn.. owned my own aircraft (Pietenpol Aircamper) and flew mostly vintage OC - Tigers, Stampe.. some formation and also Aero's... now I stopped flying around 2000, so if I want to get my licence revalidated back to PPL(A) equivalent what do I need to do?

Is It simply getting my medical, potentially airlaw refresher and I'd assume pass a full GFT?... I'm assuming I wouldn't need to redo Radio Lic or QXC..?

Any info greatly appreciated..

Many thanks

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By Irv Lee
No to the full GFT content, just sufficient training/derusting, and an abbreviated test called a proficiency check which will include some vfr nav, during which the examiner will check u spik Inglisch oh-quay
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By MikeW
If your licence is genuine CAA, not UK issued JAR or EASA, you only need a self declare medical. I have just done it after an 11 year gap.
In that event there is no need to convert to an EASA licence, if the CAA tells you that you must - as they did to me - they are wrong.
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By nickwilcock
If you want to fly only non-EASA aircraft, then you won't need a Part-FCL licence.

But after Apr 2020, if you want to fly an EASA aircraft (e.g. a Cessna 152, Piper PA-28 etc.), you will need a Part-FCL licence.

Unless yet further confusion erupts if the idiot UK government is stupid enough to pull out of EASA, that is....
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By MikePhillipson
that's great .. thanks for the info guys... yes it's a genuine old brown CAA PPL, i'll have a chat with Headcorn and my old flying club .. they can also put me in touch with a local medical examiner to get that bit out of the way too..

Thanks again for the info :) much appreciated!