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Sorry if I’m being thick about this, if someone has done the SRG1160 form recently and successfully could you help me with the following:

The guidance asks for attachments:
Verification of Flight Crew Licence
Certified copy of the Certificate of Revalidation from any existing UK issued Flight Crew Licence.

The first is the form itself I assume.
The second is what I’m asking for...
What is the third? I’m not familiar with what a certificate of revalidation is.

I would assume since the CAA issued my license I don’t need to send a copy of it back to them? So do I just fill the form in and sign and pay without any other attachments?
The certificate of revalidation is the part of the licence where you have SEP(LAND) and an expiry date. On old licences this would be a separate page to the main licence, nowadays it is all on one sheet - but they want to see a certified copy of this entry for (presumably) SEP and date.
Ok got it now, thanks.

I was looking at it from the myopic viewpoint of having only qualified last year, so haven’t had to do a revalidation test yet.

Technically the CAA would know that too (that it hasn’t reached revalidation point yet) but then I’m being very picky! It’s a very small number of case I am sure.

But it does reminds me of another thread concerning whether a pilot was qualified for the flight he was undertaking and many couldn’t understand why the authorities might not know, because not everything is communicated back to them. In a fully automated world (which clearly we are quite some distance from) everything would be updated electronically and available to those who need it.