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By russp
So I wish to upgrade a LAPL to a full PPL. CAA say 10 hours of flight instruction at an ATO. (Other 5 hours is inconsequential, will be way over that) - then a skills test, but not a nav test? or is that deemed part of the skills test at PPL - they were separate for NPPL.

This flight instruction must include 4 hours of supervised solo flight, of which at least 2 hours must be solo cross country, with at least 1 cross country - that's the easy bit, pay an instructor to sit in an office while I go fly round the country which I'd be doing anyway! But can all 10 hours be supervised solo flight - is there any required dual instruction outside of the solo beyond what I had to get the LAPL? Where is this defined and why isn't it mentioned on the CAA requirements page https://www.caa.co.uk/General-aviation/ ... BPL/PPL-(A)-requirements/

I have my own permit aircraft with a full glass cockpit with moving map gps and autopilot which I'd want to use for the instruction and test. It has no radio nav equipment, I don't think this is required for PPL ?

Thanks for thoughts/advice.
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By Balliol
You will have to attend a DTO and have them accept your aircraft. You will need some dual to complete ex18c radio nav and ex19 instrument flying in order to have a course completion certificate and recommendation for test issued. You will need to train and test radio nav aids - you could do this by doing a separate test element in an aircraft with radio nav and rest of the test in your aircraft.
By webdevduck
I've finished my upgrade earlier this week. You will need to do some instruction on instrument flying and radio nav, do a solo QXC, and there is a nav test as part of the skills test. The nav test is similar to the NPPL one but with some use of nav aids thrown in.