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By MichaelP
Thinking about driving there today from Guildford, but also considering the £17 entrance if I do.
By Stampe
My golden rule avoid anything that warrants a RA(T) for so many reasons.Enjoy the chaos!
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By FlightDek
I was supposed to be flying in tomorrow from Liverpool but it looks decidedly iffy so I cancelled. I'll make it some year!!
By Lerk
I debated weather with myself till this morning, then like brave sir robin cancelled my slot.
6 hr round trip by road before factoring in friday afternoon traffic leaving the smoke northbound says I ain't going this year!
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By JonH690
Arrived by air this morning at 10:45am (PA28 -G-BNVE) . Pretty rubbish weather at Wellesbourne and was about to drive down until we saw a brief window. It had cleared up by the time we arrived. Only 3 inbound when I joined. Liked how slick they were with booking in and free entry.

Enjoyed it. Certainly a lot busier than previous years I thought. :thumleft:
Bumped into the Bossman whilst drooling over the TBM.

Bought some oil, maps and sundries.

Saw some old friends,

Didn't see much new, thought the attendance was down on previous years.

£17.00 to get in I think is a bit steep, I accept that to fly in was free but the weather was just a bit iffy in kent early am.

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By Iceman
The only thing that I bought was some of these for possible use on a trip in a month's time. In flight, you just squeeze them and they go hot instantly and give off heat for about an hour. Apparently, the stand was doing a very good trade on Thursday as everybody 'froze' in the inclement weather.


Iceman 8)