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By davey
I have a very little used Fta550l, boxed with instructions and all accessories.

These currently retail around the £250 - £280 mark.

I would like £175 for it, this includes delivery ( to mainland UK ), can be collected from Bournemouth.

Reason for sale, I no longer need it as the Grumman Tiger I now fly has new dual 8.33 radios.

pm me for further details

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By Glidingdoc
Hi Davey,

Can I just check with you on or two points?

Can you confirm that this is the model with the VOR facility?

Does it have the adaptor that allows one to plug in the headset? If not, does it have the necassary plug holes to facilitate connection to an adaptor?

Does it have ordinary batteries or does one have to recharge the thing on a cradle charger? (If the thing ran out of power in the air, is there the option to put in some new batteries? How long will it last from a single charge? If fully charged and turned off, does it retain the charge? If so, for how long? Would it still funtion if charged once a month but never turned on?

Could it be posted within the UK?


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By davey
Hi Glidingdoc,

Apologies for the delay in replying.

To answer your questions:

1 Yes it does have the VOR facility although I never used it.

2 Yes it has the adaptor for a headset to be plugged in, the Ptt is on the radio itself, but I used an intercom and had a separate Ptt.
3 It has a Li ion rechargeable and a separate battery tray if you wish to use Duracells etc.
4. A fully charged battery lasted me weeks of normal flying usage, fully charged and switched off no noticeable loss of power after many weeks even 2/3 months.
5 I will post anywhere in mainland England free of charge, other areas e.g. The highlands of Scotland will be extra.

Hope that helps, any further questions pm me and I can give you my phone number.

Regards, Davey
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By rf3flyer
davey wrote:I will post anywhere in mainland England free of charge, other areas e.g. The highlands of Scotland will be extra.

Geographist! :evil:
As one who lives in the Highlands of Scotland this never fails to irritate. Parcelforce will ship it anywhere in the UK at the same cost. Only if you insist on using a courier service does that, perhaps, apply.
Just saying.
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By davey
Oops, sorry I've never posted to the Highlands but thought it was more expensive because some companies charge extra.
You learn something every day :D