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By Rob L
Often called "Fireplace Props", sometimes they get a new lease of flying life.

Back in 1994, my Taylorcraft was involved in a collision that rendered our metal McCauley propeller unusable. The pilot on that day, John, hung the now defunct and damaged prop in his workshop as a "memento" of that day.

Some years later in about 2006, we fitted a C-85 engine instead of the old A-65...and looking up at the prop in John's workshop, I said to him: I reckon that will fit the C-85.

It did (after being cropped, re-pitched and repaired and re-certified at a third of the cost of a new one). It is now back on the same Taylorcraft to this day.
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By Sooty25
Rob L wrote:Incidentally, one point to whom identifies the correct manufacturer of Sensenich fixed-pitch metal props. As a clue, it's not Sensenich!

Er, Trabant?

That little "kiss" could have ended worse. :shock:
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By Flyin'Dutch'