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The whole document net of appendices is shorter than some management summaries I've been subjected to :roll: The outcome is quite interesting though. The conventional Class E got most support but the CAA are still going with their more complicated option...
I liked the idea of keeping everything as standard as possible, but I was also aware a couple of handful of states used 2000 as an IFR conspicuity code.... so I didn't have any strong objections if they wanted to adopt it.

One drawback is that it might not actually fix much. Those who already fly "VFR" illegally and remain on 7000 in IMC in Class E airspace would continue to do so.
IMHO this is possibly the most significant step towards airspace modernisation we have seen for some time in the UK.

Non complex, non intense IFR operations can be accommodated and safely managed within Class E with coincident TMZ and no impact on VFR GA aircraft operating in VMC and electronically conspicuous.

The other huge benefit of a dedicated VFR conspicuity code is that while an infringement of Class D airspace will remain potentially disruptive because the need to avoid it, I can no longer loose separation with an IFR aircraft because I am not required to separate IFR and VFR in Class D.
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