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Beach find....
It’s about 2x 2.5cm, and a few millimetres deep. Very light, definitely not stone, more like bone or shell. I did wonder at first if it was a bit of plastic but it’s not. The holes are irregular and don’t appear manufactured. The back is worn and sort of split like a shell might be, in layers. Thoughts please - but ignore the white ammonoidic-patterned background, that is just modern patterned paper kitchen towel!
A google image search suggests Stony Coral.
Certainly your find doesn't look regular enough in structure to probably be man-made although the black colour kind of argues in the other direction. Then again, you say it's light which, IMO, favours 'natural'. Don't know.
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eltonioni wrote:What kind of pilot is looking down at the ground instead of up in the air :D

One that was very specific with thread wording.... and didn't say that he personally found it! (Niece in law did!)
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I've taken the advice from @JoeC (thanks) and emailed the NHM and will post here their answer when they reply, but it is voluntary work they do so no idea when, and the pointer from @rf3flyer is being discussed as a lead at this end (thanks) - but please don't let that stop anyone else suggesting something different or amusing (thanks, the others!)
Be prepared for an embarrassing reply. Mrs E once found a really unusual fungus on our hedge that was diagnosed with Google as a rare gall. As luck would have it, a pair of gall professors lived around the corner so off I trotted with the find, and spent half an hour in their kitchen with them trying to identify it. Mr Gall Professor decided to cut it in half, and then we realised it was a mouldy crab apple that had skewered itself on a twig some months before.
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