Group flying opportunities & questions
By WingedSupra
I might be moving to Wales, meaning I'd have to leave behind my beloved Grumman Tiger.

I'd be based 30 minutes from either Pembrey or Swansea so would like to join an existing group or maybe even establish my own.

In all honestly while I LOVE the Tiger I find that 8 times out of 10 I'm flying by myself so 4 seats isn't really needed - but I do enjoy the performance of the 180hp Tiger.

Anyone have any tips or know of anything available in the area?

Failing that, is anyone based nearby who would be interested in creating a group?
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By MikeB
There is (presumably still available) a 1/3 share in a Saratoga at Swansea. If Cardiff isn't too far, there's a 1/6 share in an Archer II, or if you want something fast and fun, there's a 1/3 share in a Pioneer 300 at Abergavenny.

PM me if you want any contact details for any of the above.
By Smikas
Folks, any shares going in the Cardiff-Swansea area in an Arrow on Archer