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By kanga
<slight aviation content :) >

.. is the musical about the stranding of ~7,000 airline passengers in and around Gander (pop. ~9,000) for several days after US airspace was closed after 9/11. It had rave reviews in Toronto than Broadway, and recently opened in London (Phoenix Theatre) with a mainly UK/Irish cast.

Clan Kanga went last night, to celerate someone's 'significant' :oops: birthday. It was brilliant :thumright: .. although with my Newfie connexions I may be prejudiced, of course.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Happy Birthday!

21 again!
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By Sjoram
It had been on my radar ( :roll: :wink: ) for a while... Got to see it in March.

I don't think I've heard the roar of applause and cheers from an audience like that since I saw WWRY years ago.

The ending of Me & The Sky ... gets me every time. :pale:
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Should we start a Newfie/butt of all jokes thread,’?

As a privileged Russell Group educated white male, I’m sure that makes me a bad ‘un

As the white skinned working class Scot from an abandoned coal mining, steel working, concrete making and ship building region - k’moan t’ae fu...g’ies a brek
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By Newfy
I saw this show back in February, when it first opened up (in fact, it was still in previews). I also first heard the soundtrack while driving from St. John’s to Corner Brook, with a stop in Gander.

I really enjoyed the show, and the rest of the audience seemed to as well (a standing ovation). Because of my own connection to “the Rock”, I’m not sure whether I can be objective about it, but I do feel vindicated a bit by the fact that it won the Olivier for Best New Musical. And the song “Me and the Sky” speaks to me as a pilot!

But perhaps best we don’t start a Newfie joke thread. :wink:
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