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If you've been here awhile, you'll roll eyes.

But if you're new to flying, or - like me - coming back to it, it's a wonderful discovery.

When I redid my RT, my instructor made a vague reference to a good documentary. Good isn't even half of it. I'd say it's the best ever documentary that features GA.

It's got everything. Seeing the awful scatter procedures needed for infringers, the love of aeros, and more than just a token tragedy.

There was Hayley, whose enthusiasm was inspiring. People who really "want it" - tend to end up being brilliant - they'll fuss over every detail.

And I think the Beeb did well to air the protestor. Us £100 hamburger pilots probably aren't killing the earth, but aviation generally is in a quandary, environmentally.

Its on YouTube, and the lovely beeb have let it stay: