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Nero wrote:How about the more nuanced steps such as "at 200ft on approach turn off carb heat" or things like this?

This could open a can of worms - it is the subject of much discussion over the years on aviation forums. The two main reasons behind doing it is 1) So you have full power for a go-around, and 2) So you don't suck in unfiltered air when landing.

Some people think it's easy to select cold air as you go to full throttle in a go around, especially in a Cessna. Some people say that the risk of icing in the last 200 or 300ft is significant, some say it's not. Some say you should be approaching in a glide so that an engine failure at that stage won't matter.

At the moment, just do as your instructor wants. :D
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By Nero
Well I don't want worms everywhere!!

OK I'll ask for a fuller pre-flight briefing as they've been a bit brief to date

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By Rob P
The POH is a really good resource, especially when you've arrived for a lesson and been weathered off or the aircraft has gone tech

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By Nero
Merry Christmas all!

Q4 of 2019 has passed by and the update is.... Well, not a lot really.

Got a few hours in but not settled on a permanent instructor for the remainder of my PPL. Mainly because I've not been able to get the regular time or available slots.

I've had a couple of really great instructors though and it's been invaluable hearing the slightly different ways they do things. Of course, also a little confusing so the sooner I settle the better.

Last lesson was on PFLs which went pretty well. Going to try and finish it off on Sunday with a nice polished and memorised checklist.

Finding a field is hard!

It was also my first lesson where we landed in the dark (around 4:30pm). Watching the sunset was an amazing experience. So peaceful up there and the Christmas lights twinkling below.

Every few hours, there's a special moment in learning to fly which pulls me right back in, and I can't wait to pass :))

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By Wicksay
Keep at Nero... Keep us updated

Right now I can't wait to just fly again. Hopefully Sat. I've not witnessed a sunset yet while flying, so looking forward to that.