Discuss the problems and solutions to all of the situations that Pilot X finds himself in.
There's been times when we've all been up in the air wishing we was on the ground. I've probably put myself in that situation more than once, but for different things. Having been crew for an airline, and sleeping in the dark bunks across the North Atlantic, Africa and Bay of Bengal I know how rough turbulence can be.

So a little bit of wind tends to put me off having previously flown on a really gusty day across the downs with active CBs around. Not comfortable.

Either way, it's all experience and utilising the technology to check. I've started using this app on the android called Windsock. to quickly ditermine the weather suitability as close to start-up.

I use Airports on Apple iOS on my iPad. Which is also is available on Android.

I enjoyed creating this video and doing something a bit different. Please do enjoy and let me know your experiences.