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By Dave W
Hi all - another question in my ongoing saga to affordably get ADS-B OUT from our funke transponder.

This question is specifically for owners of the TRT800H with software v5.2 who have managed or attempted to set it up for ADS-B OUT.

The funke website says that v5.3 is required (and it is £300 for the upgrade, TVM*), but there are several people on the internet who claim to have successfully connected a GPS to a SW v5.2 transponder and to have had it signed off as acceptable under the non-certified rules (LAA/BMAA).

One of those people posted on here, but hasn't been back to the forum for some time - there's a PM in his Inbox if he does!

If you are one of those people, I would very much appreciate a PM followed by a chat.

The reason I want to confirm this is because we know we would need to buy another connector for the transponder, but it is only worth doing that if the existing v5.2 software will work.

*Plus (for us) another £150 for the right connector.
Photos as requested.

Back of unit. No other markings.


"memory module" or what ever it is called. This just allowed the change of unit without having to reprogram.


All wires. Connection to 1)Power, 2) TM250 and 3) Flarm.

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