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By neilmurg
I don't know the system, but the year 1991 has the same dates/weekdays as 2019 eg Tuesday 9th April (also 2002, 2013)
By johnm
Colonel Panic wrote:Thanks all; does anyone have a suitable cable that I could borrow for a week or two? I'd pay for postage both ways. Very preferably one with a USB plug on one end, but if I can only find one with a serial port I will try to find a friend with a suitable Windows computer. (I only have Macs.)

Or maybe I could post my Pilot III to you if you have access to everything else? A couple of beer tokens would be included 8)

Just dug the beastie out of the attic, it seems I have a cigar lighter power cable, a serial cable and the complete device in its box with manual. Serial to USB adapters are easy to come by too.

If any or all of it is of use it's yours for the price of the postage.

I have to go out soon but I'll see if I can fire it up later.
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By GrahamB
I resurrected the GPS296 yesterday not having used it for several months.

The battery was completely flat, so after giving it enough charge to bring it to life, it was displaying a date of 7-Feb-2019 and the wrong time - no surprises there.

After a good long recharge, I manually set its location to 'home' and shoved it up against the window. It took a couple of hours (admittedly I was trying my luck with a fairly restricted view of the sky), but eventually it found itself and all seems right with its little world, so it appears to have survived the rollover.

It's for sale by the way, with the full set of accessories and a nice G-LOCK sucker mount supplied by forumite Peter from Lelystad.
By johnm
It turns out that neither of our PCs has a 9 pin serial port so the serial cable for Garmin needs a serial to USB adapter I think. I might come across one but either way the offer to send any or all of the bits to @Colonel Panic in return for postage still stands :-)
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By Colonel Panic
stevelup wrote:CP, I should have a USB<>Serial dongle kicking around somewhere should you need to complete the kit.

Thanks to @johnm I now have the required Garmin lead.

@stevelup - thanks for the offer, but Amazon have what I _think_ I need for not a lot more than the cost of postage. But might you just look at
This and confirm that it is what I need? It is the right number / layout of pins, but not 100% re: the male female or chipset bit. ... 131&sr=8-5

This is the end of John's lead.

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By Sooty25
the Amazon item is the sort of thing you are looking for, although I've never used that brand.

I've used dozens of similar units and will only use ones with Prolific Chipsets in them. Other chipsets I've had a 50/50 success rate with.

Should work fine, but as always, "should!"
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By Paul_Sengupta
There are loads of Prolific copies from China for about £2. Sometimes it takes a bit of playing around with drivers to make them work. FTDI on the other hand, always worked first time with the driver supplied. CH340 also not had a driver issue with.
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By Iceman
Certain Golze units have been affected by the week rollover.

Dear pilots,
Unfortunately a technical problem came up relating to the GPS of certain ADL110B, ADL120 and ADL130. Please note that other types of devices are not affected.

Due to the latest GPS rollover the Garmin 15xLW chips in those devices are no longer able to properly determine the date. This leads to quite a number of problems and some ADL features will no longer work as intended.

Tests of my remaining stock have shown that not all chips are affected. Unfortunately there is no list of the affected devices. Initial tests suggested all was fine, but it turned out this was just luck testing unaffected chips.

Affected devices can be updated free of charge, but the ADL devices will have to be sent here for this procedure.

IF YOUR ADL110B, ADL120 or ADL130 DISPLAYS A STRANGE DATE (PROBABLY IN SEPTEMBER 2099) WHILE YOU HAVE BLUE GPS BARS, PLEASE SEND IT HERE FOR THE FREE UPDATE. Another indication of the same problem is if the internet tracking shows dates in the year 2035.

Please send the devices to (and please state a return address):
Golze Engineering
Dr. Sebastian Golze
Bredowstr. 29
10551 Berlin

Please send the actual device only. Do not send any cables, antennas or similar.

Fly safe!

Iceman 8)
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By PeteSpencer
Just fired up my dear old Garmin 296 (not been used for 6 weeks since before rollover) and it sprang into life showing correct date/time and with a fully charged battery to boot.

Peter :wink:
By hatzflyer
My tom tom in the car is now more of a Tom's Gone. Totally frozen ! Is that just a co-incidence ? :(
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