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Just wondering, with the CAA, how do they inform you of the result of if your medical is approved or not? ie email, postage only, or phone call followed up by mailing???

Like do you get any email or phone call as a heads up or you simply have to wait for the post man to come with the snail mail 20-30 working days later?

Just curious ....
With a proviso that this info might be a year or two out of date...If it is a class 1 medical that has been referred to the CAA by your AME or an Aeromedical Centre for a certification decision, (which is usually the only time the CAA would notify you directly), then it always used to be by post.

There was an option, if you were in direct discussions with the CAA medical department itself, to give them permission to copy by email.
So I am otherwise fit and healthy but had to be referred to an expert for one aspect, so protocol dictates it gets sent to the CAA for final review

So I was wondering in that case how do they notify you?
I see on their website it says 19-29 business days but I’ve no idea how accurate that is with Brexit and it doesn’t say how they notify you in that event
Just if anyone is waiting on processing times...

I’m at 20 business days and just over a month of regular time and still nothing yet

Not complaining, I understand they are overwhelmed with Brexit I guess I’m just checking the post every day at this point in anticipation, maybe others in the same boat have some feedback about how long it’s taking?