What are you planning? Where shall we go?
I made my way to the east of France yesterday. Had to divert and landed in LFQW due to bad weather. Hoping for some better weather today. Its blue skies in the east of France this morning but just across the border past Basel is very much IMC. Taking a more northerly route could be better as most airfields further north are VFR.
Back home from another great Aero show - and really nice to meet up with lots for mates at various points over the three days.

Flight down was very easy on Thursday with clear sky until 20 miles out when a bit of routing around clouds was required for descent to Konstanz.

Coming home today was a bit more of a faff with low cloud and poorer vis over the high ground for the first hour to about Nancy but then opened up to a lovely cumulus filled sky and great visibility for next 350 miles home.

Top trip :thumleft:
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