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Where did you get that from?
APOC haven't posted any issue, and I cannot see any delays on the flight boards. Of course they may be too busy to update such stuff.d

Edit: found it on the BBC News. Will be interesting to see outcome.
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Given the doubt cast on the sightings at Gatwick, it seems as if the most effective way to bring a major airport to a halt (for whatever reason you would want to do that) is to simply call the police and say you've seen a drone. You don't actually need to have one...
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By Gertie
Another #brexit rehearsal.

And yesterday there were panic tweets from the government saying "please please pretty please, won't somebody buy some holidays?"

Certainly I'm one of those who hasn't. Look at the airline Ts&Cs FFS! - "if we can't fly because of #brexit we'll give you your money back".

Yeah, sure. Like any European loco which loses 80% or whatever of its routes is going to stay in business long enough to refund anything to anybody. And the airfare is the cheapest part of the holiday these days anyway - nobody is offering to refund your pre-paid hotel and car hire costs if the planes don't fly.

Solution: don't buy a holiday just right now. And sufficient people have come to the same view that the government is in a panic all over Twitter.
By PaulB
Seems like departures have recommenced. (Arrivals seemed largely unaffected.)
velostar wrote:Sighted? In the dark? And how many millions were spent on detection kit?

And this is why I am not convinced we know the full story on the Gatwick incident either, that episode started overnight too.