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Thanks toods,
As always a great, informative video,

Two questions
1) Is SRD document available online? I can't find it.

2) If IFR from say a strip, can one purloin a SRD route from the nearest big airfiedl (in my case Norwich or Cambridge I guess) and modify it or can SRD routes not be used/modified in this situation?

I must confess hitherto to using auto router for ease, but often get sent all around Will's mother's.

PS you're still saying 'with you' !! :wink:
Taking your points in turn (!)

(1) Yes, you can find the SRD online HERE

(2) No issue at all to nick an SRD route from a suitably nearby airfield. In fact, if you do, you'll probably find integration into the system rather easier.

Most of the autoroutes are clever enough to use the SRD, so you'll probably find little change in your results over and above using your normal software.

... and yes, I know... Old habits die hard!
Doubledonks - I could hear you actively trying not to say "with you" for most of the video, you clearly had neurons fighting each other in a battle not to say what you wanted to say until that last frequency change when your neurons must have been busy and didn't see it sneak through.

Your kind of flying (IFR and procedural) is so unlike my own VFR bimbling that I always learn loads from and thoroughly enjoy your videos.

Go on, let yourself go, say "with you" if you like.
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2Donkeys wrote:Yes. It's very apparent as you fly down the West side of London that you are being threaded through the departure stream. Having TCAS on board makes it easy to match the traffic locations with the radio, and to marvel at the skills of the controllers.

It's great if you have ever had a visit to Swanwick. Makes for some interesting watching.