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By gonzohop
Hi all

Thought I'd say hi and introduce myself. :)

After being inspired by a friend who's nearly completed their PPL, I took a trial lesson back in October at Compton Abbas using their PA28 Warrior G-OONY (just the best registration!) with a cracking instructor, Steve. What an hour it was and I haven't stopped grinning since. What a top guy Steve is and I couldn't believe how much of the hour I actually flew the aeroplane.

Skip forward a few weeks (yesterday actually) and I head back up to Compton and have great chat with Graham about the ins and outs of getting your licence. Graham couldn't be more helpful with a treasure-trove of information. Top stuff.

After all the info I've decided to go for my LAPL. It covers everything I think I'm going to need for recreational flying. I haven't handed over the readies yet as I want to get the medical first. Being a life-long Asthma sufferer (albeit well controlled) I thought I'd better check with an AME that I'll be ok to fly. I've heard that I may need to jump through some expensive hoops to get cleared, if I get cleared at all. My appointment is next Monday so fingers crossed.

I'd like to think this isn't a midlife crisis (45) :lol: - it's something I've always wanted to do but finally my life is at a point where I can devote time and money to it.

So, that's all for now. A big hello to all the student pilots - I'm enjoying reading the updates and I hope to contribute to that over the coming months, subject to Monday's outcome!

Best wishes,

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By Flyin'Dutch'
Great story - have a great time learning to fly!
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By AlexJR
I'm "only" 34 and just got my PPL - not sure what my mid-life crisis will be at 45...so many options to choose from!

Good luck with the training - best 18 months/most frustrating of my life in many ways!
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By c750X
Welcome :)

Re your asthma, without going into deep details if it's managed you should be fine at LAPL level and even Class II. I say should because I don't know full details and it's none of my business anyway. If you decide at some point to get a Class 1 then you'll have to have a referral and some more tests for lung spasming and stuff. It's definately best to declare it on your initial either way.
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By johnm
Welcome to mad house and have a great time learning. You seem to have the right attitude in that the learning is a key part of the experience not merely a means to an end. I started at age 52 with a similar mindset and have never regretted it.
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By Rob P
Welcome Richard. It is a great adventure you are starting out on. If you haven't already, now is the time to read Leiah's briefing up there ^^^^^


gonzohop wrote: I haven't handed over the readies yet as I want to get the medical first.

I assume that was metaphorical 'readies'? Never ever pay a flying club in advance other than with a credit card as then you have some cover if it all goes tits up.

Rob P
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By Nick
Be prepared to get addicted, once you try it, it really is like a drug. I started gliding in my teens, then had to give it up due to lack of funds. I was always saying "one day" eventually with a "helpful, if you don't do it now you never will" comment from my wife I was away and haven't looked back.

Good luck.

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By PeteSpencer
What a great first post , full of optimism and promise . Welcome to the forum and to your forthcoming training. I hope you ace your medical and can start soon.

Don’t forget to keep us updated I have followed first posts on here for the last fifteen years and enjoyed the moment when so many people have finally got their ticket.

Remember there is no such thing as a daft question on here.

Try to stay away from the main forums where you will find an excess of bitchery which on occasion can be quite toe-curling.

Peter :wink:
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By gonzohop
Firstly, thanks to all of you for taking the time to say hello, imparting very welcome advice and words of encouragement - really appreciated and well digested!

Secondly, a minor celebration - I passed the the medical today - phew! I've tried not to let my Asthma interfere with my life and for the most part it hasn't stopped me do anything - I think this is the first time I've been genuinely worried that it was going to trip me up on an ambition I've so dearly wanted to achieve. I'm smiling like the Cheshire Cat at the moment. :D

A big thankyou to Tufty & Dr Odbert at Aviation Medicals Wessex in Christchurch - both of which couldn't have made me feel more welcome and comfortable - a credit to their profession, truly.

I'm just going to sit here for a while gazing at my CAA Medical Certificate. What a relief!

But onwards! Next step - go book some lessons at Compton Abbas... :thumleft:
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