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Here's a new trip writeup on a recent trip to Elba and the subsequent trip to Greece, going as far as the tiny island of Kastelorizo


The videos still need to be done; that will take me some days :)

Most of it was done under IFR, with a couple of short low level legs in Greece under VFR.
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What an incredible write-up, thanks for making the last hour at work interesting! Very intimidating for a newbie to think of the expense + experience taken to get to this level. I guess it is a 10 year dream, but great for people like yourself to have done all of the hard work in plotting the routes etc. Thank you for sharing!
I am sure I met you at Shoreham, about 10 years ago.

Alex - this is not hard at all. The 2nd trip here
Crete, Sep 2004, all VFR, and similar distance.

Today it is a lot easier than back then because now you have good tablet nav apps (EasyVFR and SD) which avoid the hassles I had with scanning old USAF ONC maps and loading them onto a heavy 1.5" thick tablet weighing about 3kg :)

The flying is the same as anywhere else - the plane doesn't know the difference :)

The extra dimension is that Fraport of Germany has taken over some airports which used to be cheap and easy, but there are still ways around that, based mainly on Ioanina LGIO. You fly a straightforward VFR trip down to Croatia (perhaps Dubrovnik LDDU) and then to Ioanina. You can't do Greece in a C150, due to range, but a PA28-161 or better is ok.

Yes the avgas bit is never cheap.

But a trip like this is worth twice the price :)