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By Malcvxer
I’ve been recommended PPL Tutor and have used it extensively alongside the AFE books and revision guides. I can now regularly score 80%+ on Law and Ops (to start with). My question is: are the actual exams in pretty much the same format (multiple choice) and they similar or the same questions? Also, I’ve read in this forum that some of the questions/answers are not up to date e.g. self cert rule changes on medical. TIA
By cockney steve
There's a similar thread running currently.- to precis.... the exams , apparently don't keep up! answer correctly (presumably by ignoring the tick-box choices and writing the correct answer) , you'll get a credit. tick what *used to be* the correct answer,....you'll get a credit....or , belt and braces, do both the above and mark "now superseded by" with arrows and, yes, you should still be credited.