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Issued: 1200 hrs, Friday 14th September 2018

High pressure to the south of the country on Saturday. A warm front passing northeast through Ireland and the western UK introducing a Tropical Maritime airmass. This brings lots of low cloud, drizzle and fog to western coasts and hills. There will be a few breaks where you are protected by the southwest flow. More eastern and central areas of England and Scotland are likely to be brighter with some sunny spells. Fog patches in western parts of the Channel and to the south of Ireland.
The low moves quickly to the northwest of Ireland through Saturday afternoon bringing more persistent rain and increasing winds with widespread severe gales.
Winds SW 15-18kt (F4-F5) increasing SW 20-28kt (F6-F7) in the west with 30-40kt (F8-F9) Ireland and western Scotland with gusts in excess to 60kt or more here. The widespread severe gales passing through Scotland overnight.

Low pressue to the northeast of Scotland on Sunday with a cold front passing southeast and weakening. Showery troughs passing east.
Severe gales easing quickly in Scotland. Showers will be affecting much of western Scotland and Northern Ireland. Eastern areas tending to be drier.
Drier in England and much of the Midlands, Wales and southern Ireland with some bright or sunny spells.
The front to the south not moving far and bringing some rain, this turning increasingly showery as the week progresses.
Winds W 30-40kt (F8-F9) at first in Scotland but becoming W 25-30kt (F7), W 15-20kt (F5) in the south, easing further later.