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Hey guys, how is everyone?

I have a quick question I’ve been trying to get Pooleys to answer but they’re not responding after a few weeks so I thought I’d ask your good selves, the Flyer community.

I’m currently undertaking my LAPL for a second time after taking a 4 year break after completing 10.6 hours in the air (PPL at the time) and after passing air law, meteorology and operational procedures, however due to the 4 year break, I have to resit all exams again which is fine, although a little frustrating.

I previously had all volumes of the pooleys air manuals but due to changes in several subjects, I’ve decided to re-purchase the latest revisions from flightstore. However after doing so I realised after checking the pooleys website, that you can now purchase them in ebook format. Again very frustrating as I would much rather have them on the iPad for ease and for future reference once I’m passed.

So my question is two fold, firstly has anyone purchased the ebook format and if so do you know if once purchased will you then always receive future updates and revisions as and when’s they are released and secondly and I know this is cheeky but seeing as I have payed a lot of money twice over for my revision material, does anyone have the ebook format available for sharing and help a fellow trainee pilot out so I can put my saved money towards the ever growing expense of everything else. Like I mentioned I already own all the latest revisions so have technically already paid rights to the material.

Thanks for your time in reading this and I look forward to any responses, maybe even from pooleys if you’re reading this as I assume you haven’t read my email yet! :wink: :lol:
Hi there - I have a couple of the books and they don't seem to update for future editions. You get the one you buy as far as I can see. Also they are linked to a reader that you have to log into to access, so they cannot be shared (as you would expect). Sorry that's not more helpful, just my experience of the ones I have bought so far. They are handy to have on the iPad, especially since I travel a lot.