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By Miscellaneous
Anon wrote:Steve and Charles are correct - it was the Thruster.

So we only need to know who the pilot was now? Come on stop us (well some of us) guessing . :D

I had you down as hatz, but then it seems not. :scratch:
By Anon
Please humour me - because of the ongoing upset locally, and the fact that the incident has resulted in closure of the airfield - I'm remaining circumspect (although Steve's clearly worked it out).

Incidentally, Steve's reference to "The Magazine" was to a BMAA publication I think, not the AAIB bulletin.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
I doubt that CS subs to the BMAA publications - but happy to stand corrected.

Anyway I wager a fair bet that I know who you are but since you clearly wanted to be and stay anonymous will of course keep that under my hat.

:thumright: :thumleft:

As far as I am concerned job well done, that someone in who's backyard the emergency landing took place, is less keen on ongoing aerial activity from the nearby strip is understandable too though.

I see you write that the strip has now closed - is that permanent and was it instigated by the powers that are or the strip owner?
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Miscellaneous wrote:[
I had you down as hatz, but then it seems not. :scratch:

Hatz has his own report in there too.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Miscellaneous wrote:Yip, that's the one I thought anon was involved in, therefore anon = hatz. But then hatz referenced his one and totally through me. :?



Have a re-read of the reports.
By Anon
I'm not Hatz (and sorry to be so mysterious, it just seems appropriate given the acrimony locally.)

My understanding is that the local parish council have got very het up, and the landowner has closed the strip to keep his neighbours happy.

I've of course done plenty of navel gazing about it - but can't honestly see that I could have done much differently in the position that I was in. It really just was "one of those days". I've read local newspaper comments along the lines of "what if there had been children playing in the garden" - to which the honest response is that I'd have crashed the aeroplane where there were no children - without saying it, we all here know what that means, and is a lot of the reason I don't want to debate publicly with my name, or even a widely known pseudonym attached.
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By cockney steve
I can empathise with the OP, regarding the aftermath.

Following my car accident (50 years ago. now!where did the time go?) I woke in a strange bed (but a familiar smell! I'd worked in Medical Equipment as a mobile -engineer,previously. I hurt and I felt extremely nauseous As the brain slipped into gear, I felt for a buzzer (night-dimmed ward)....too late! seemed like a gallon of blood over the floor!...nurse came,I apologised and she made sure I was able to signal in a timely fashion......morning came.

Me, bit of a loner, own house single. about 8 miles away, 2 close mates from the sailing-club, also sister, husband, 2 young kids.
Ex- colleague friend (helped her buy her first car) less than 1/4 -mile away.

I's had an accident, I'd no liabilities, no responsibilities* no dependants. So, other than the relief-manager of the shop I managed, there was no point in disrupting and upsetting other people.
I was quite shocked when sister turned -up. Had to explain my reasoning to her, which , to me, was logical.. Discharged myself after 3 days, went home I think BIL took me, or I might have got a taxi :wink: slept for about 15 hours.....When I contacted the Ex- colleague, her husband gave me a real earful for not having publicised my misfortune and told me to FO.....(some couple of years later, me and her got together and had our 3 kids!)
So, why did my plan, to minimise the consequences, fall apart?
Local Press! They , apparently , saw fit to publish a photo of my car, rammed into a building, with a crumpled back end....and a dramatic write-up giving my name, the road..enough info. that "bill the burglar" could target the house with open-curtains, no lights and no car outside!...Needless to say, I gave them a short description of their lack of brain-cells, education and parentage :evil: I reported to the Police station, to find out what had happened. The officer who had attended, was somewhat shaken to see "the walking dead" waiting for him. and advised that they'd called in the Police Photographer...." and we don't waste film on non-fatals! "... The Medics missed a broken jaw and a broken-nose!...the nose needed a rebore,as it was blocked one side...the jaw healed itself and the row of teeth that wobbled freely, are still firmly re-attached.
The house didn't get raided in my absence.everything settled down.

Would I do things the same way again?......yes.I still don't see any point in upsetting people by publicising something which they can't do anything to mitigate or influence, anyway. :P
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By Miscellaneous
Anon wrote: I don't want to debate publicly with my name, or even a widely known pseudonym attached.

I can fully understand that position and I wholeheartedly agree with it. It would be a no win situation. (I think I've sussed it though :D )