Group flying opportunities & questions
I am (very) recently qualified and am looking for a share in a PA28 or similar.

Preferably based at Liverpool, but I'd consider Barton as well.

Ideally in the future I'd like to do some instrument training, so it was equipped for that, that would be a bonus!
Saw a PA28 share @ Barton advertised on on of the GA Facebook groups earlier today....
Proposed Commander 114 or Cessna 172P Group - Liverpool/Barton

I am considering establishing a new group based upon either a Commander 114 or Cessna 172P or later. I plan, if successful, to base the aircraft at Liverpool (preferred) or Barton. The group will be no larger than 10 persons and each member must have at least 100 hours P1.

If based at Liverpool I propose to affiliate to Keenair. The share cost will be between £7,000 and £10,000.

Express your interest by contacting me on by SMS or email: or send an SMS to 07977 115981. Conversion training will be arranged if needed.