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By Genghis the Engineer
Depends where you're going - if you plan on going professional (or just flying anything north of 100 hours per year) I'd buy a commercial book. For a PPL flying under 50hrs per year - yes the little Pooleys books are excellent.

I just finished a 20 year old Airtour (now Pooleys) commercial logbook off, and designed and made my own - but the Pooleys one, would probably still have been my favourite if that wasn't possible.

And run an electronic logbook AS WELL - it does the sums for you, and provides a reliable backup.

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By Sir Morley Steven
Bog standard Pooleys jobby is fine for PPL.
When you go pro simply start a new one but it will depend on what you do. For instructing the AFE pro one is good.
By carlapilot
I have a simple paper one, like this:
https://sundanceairshow.com/product/pil ... book-blue/
(picture is from random internet page, as I have seen in my hobby airport all pilots have the same CFIs and students too.. so this small wide paper format),

and I use a digital one which was suggested in an other aviation forum becasue it meets EASA requrements . http://www.flygo-aviation.com/aviation- ... rnational/