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By Morten
We are definitely getting spoilt with nice pics recently :-)
Moli wrote:A fabulous few days in the loop with some unusual visitors from RIAT. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

Indeed. (I've always had a weak spot for the Gripen but hardly ever seen it fly :thumleft:)
Is the 'Mach loop' open to visitors (or at least friendly powers) in much the same way that I can take my car down and do a lap of the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring? Do the RAF chaps get invited on similar fun rides when they go overseas?
Hmm. I guess there is nothing really stopping me from taking my trusty old spamcan around there at weekends? (staying 500ft from structures, people, vessels and vehicles, of course)?
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By Moli
Hi Morten

The Mach Loop is class G so the airspace is open to all. Having said that I would never advocate GA flying within it as it is a known Mil LL route, with very little room/time to manoeuvre should something doing 420kts come across something doing 90 kts.
Some Foreign Mil can use the UK LFS but their booking requirements are far more stringent (ISTR 30 days notice) than that of the RAF or UK based USAF.
It is not used at weekends though so I would think you're fairly safe to have a bimble round over a weekend.

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By RichardDavies
Wow amazing pictures there, great to see some of the aircraft from RIAT as well. I really need to do the Mach Loop one day. They are some of the best pictures I have seen from there.
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By Lockhaven
I would like to this appear in the UK skies again having a bimble around the loop, currently the only flying example in Europe.

By manleynet
I have recently heard about the Mach Loop and am trying to find out the best time to go with a chance of seeing some planes, I would be coming from Essex and staying over for a few nights so want to maximize my chances is anyone able to give me some info on I guess best times.

Many thanks

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By Moli
Hi Ian

There is no timetable, look at the weather in the days ahead and pick a set of days where the weather looks like it will be good. Low cloud and poor viz are a show stopper so avoid days with that in the forecast. Fridays tend to be quiet especially in the afternoon.
Other than that it is a case of turn up and wait I am afraid.