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By flyingyod
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Isn't "flaps" one of the pre-take-off items?

It is. I've edited my post slightly to reflect this. I was always taught to do the last pre-flight checks from the checklist, then memory items of

Fuel both
Altimeter set
Transponder to ALT
Pitot heat if required
Landing light on

before lining up. On the day referred to above I knocked the flap level whilst turning on the transponder.

The point I was (possibly badly) trying to make is that it's always worth a final check just before you start the takeoff roll regardless of how many times you check them as part of the checklist, just in case you/passenger/dog has inadvertently "adjusted" something. Everything should be set for takeoff by this time, so in theory I won't (for example) be going near the transponder again so I will have passed the last point where I might accidentally knock the flaps
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