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By Rob P
Mid September I believe.

It's tricky because whilst it's on "General Release" there were only two showings remotely local, both in Cambridge and both in the middle of the day. I'm sure a lot of people who would have been stunned by the film on the big screen wouldn't attend something with the subtitle "Documentary"

Rob P
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By Rob P
Thanks for that tKF.

Interesting to note that it is half the price to view of this bio-pic of a forumite. ... 018-online

Rob P

Anyone else think his image has been heavily airbrushed? He didn't look that good the morning after in Elba.
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By kanga
kanga wrote:..

All at Staverton, of course .. :thumright:

[The heirs, 'Dowty Propellers', now part of GE Aviation, suffered a catastrophic fire at the original Rotol factory at Staverton not that long ago. Production, mainly of carbonfibre propellers for the C130Js, was uninterrupted but moved to a temporary site in the Forest of Dean. It is now due to move back to a permanent home on the Gloucester Business Park, ie on the former GAC airfield at Brockworth]

As a footnote to that footnote ... :oops:

The new factory was formally opened today. JAM hosted a related private reception shindig, as we often do for local aviation companies. As part of this we were presented with a small piece of the old Brockworth runway, which has largely or wholly now been dug up. However, at JAM we can provide a leaflet guide to a walking route which points out legacy of the airfield infrastructure still visible. Definitely better tackled in summer, though; it will be rather muddy in parts at the moment! ... rs-3609555
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Agreed. Sure the neighbours love me...

One minor/massive point though !

The end shot of the spit disappearing off into the horizon really ought to have been a victory roll.......?

Miscellaneous wrote:I eventually got round to watching this a few days ago and thought it was superb, even down to the soundtrack.

I think it deserves a bump on the forum as a recommendation of something to watch over the festive period, I'll certainly be watching it again.
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