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By v8burble
Did my first landing this week.
Wasn't expecting to do a landing yet as only on early lessons but I had a fab instructor who encouraged me to do the final turns to line up and then he just decided I was doing well, conditions were good and with verbal guidance and hands held very close to the controls he let me put it down!
Think he just applied some light back pressure at the last second.
I touched down the starboard wheel slightly before the port wheel but no bump or bounce.
What a buzz! Haven't come down off it yet and can't wait to fly again.
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By Straight Level
I remember when I did my first "landing".
My instructor was getting me to fly down the runway at a couple of feet, and when for the first time the wheels touched.... once or twice.
I asked - "was that a landing?" (in a pleased with-myself-voice)
Instructor - "more of a crash".

Didn't take me long to realise how honest my instructor was being.
I still do the odd crash landing and always reminds me of him and that day :-)
Wish he was still with us :-(
By johnm
Well done! You've done the hard bit (learning to land) it's just practice now :-)
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By David Wood
TopCat wrote:After most touchdowns my instructor would say....

"Well, you could have held it off a bit longer"

It was so seared into my brain that I still hear it today. On the plus side, there is zero chance I will ever land nosewheel first.

Well, you had a good instructor then; one who taught you to do it properly! :D . May you forever be preserved from a busted nose-wheel!

The ones that break my heart (and I see a few at won't-mention-where) come in from a nearby un-named long-tarmac runway airport and do circuit after circuit of flat, fast, un-held-off landings where they just slap it onto the deck on all three wheels. It beggars belief sometimes. It's enough to make yer cry....

I feel so very sorry for their students.