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Hey guys, I have a question over sitting my last exam, which will be Met.

I need to sit the exam before or on 30th June, as that's when my 18 months is up (since sitting first exam)

I'm hoping to sit the exam this Sunday, 17th and this will be the 5th sitting.

However, in the unlikely event I failed the exam on Sunday, would I need to wait 10 days before I re-sat the exam? Or, could I re-sit the exam the next day as the 6th sitting?

Not sure if you would need to wait for the 5th sitting to run out, before you could then do the 6th sitting? I know you can't resit an exam within the same sitting.

Hope this is clear! Thanks

This whole 'sitting' thing is an utter nonsense that has no benefit that I can see. Nonetheless them's are the rules.

As you say, if you fail an exam you cannot re-sit it in the same sitting. If you re-sit it within the balance of the sitting in which you took it then it counts as starting a new sitting. So, I think that the answer to your question is that you can re-sit the exam as soon as you like, but that that re-sit will trigger the first day of your 6th and last sitting.

As I'm sure that you know, if you fail it again on the 6th sitting then you'll need to re-do all the exams again in 6 more sittings. :cry:

Good luck...
'Theoretical knowledge examinations for the issue of licences'
The meaning of the following terms used in FCL.025 should be as follows:
(a) ‘Entire set of examinations’: an examination in all subjects required by the licence level.
(b) ‘Examination’: the demonstration of knowledge in one or more examination papers.
(c) ‘Examination paper’: a set of questions to be answered by a candidate for examination.
(d) ‘Attempt’: a try to pass a specific paper.
(e) ‘Sitting’: a period of time established by the competent authority within which a candidate can take an examination. This period should not exceed 10 consecutive days.
Only one attempt at each examination paper is allowed in one sitting.


CAA: Standards Document 11: 'Provision and Conduct of Ground Examinations for the Private Pilot Licence Aeroplanes & Helicopters'
6.3.8 A sitting is defined as attending an examination centre or training organisation for the purpose of taking one or more examination(s). When taking more than one examination these must be completed in a maximum of 10 consecutive days. A total of six sittings (each over a maximum of 10 consecutive days) are allowed. Only one attempt at each paper may be made in any one sitting. A candidate is not compelled to wait until the end of the ten consecutive day period before attempting the re-sit of a failed paper, but whenever a re-sit is attempted this is counted as a further sitting.

(My emphasis)