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By Alopez17
Just a quick question, would any of you that have already gone through with training recommend enrolling in these airliners future pilot programmes even though they’re quite expensive or would you say normal flights school are fine. Thanks!!
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By Gentoo
Aren't they paid for by a loan that is paid back if you work for them for a number of years?

If so then either you progress and someone else pays the cost, or you don't, Be have to pay it back.

..which you would have to do anyway if you organised it all yourself.
By huseyydemm
I find this programmes a bit risky because you take a lot of bank loan through the pilot program company, like all all costs together (from zero to hero),.... and what is your plan B? What if not succeed, having medical issues on the halfway etc? Loan will not disappear....

I lie step by step system, in normal flight schools. You can do it in your rythm, have time to all the knowledge sinks in, etc etc
By riverrock
There are insurance schemes that will cover you if you fail to complete the course. - for some schemes the insurance is expected / required. Read the small print.

Most of the schemes require the loan to be backed by someone or something (for example, a parent's house) although not all - sometimes the airlines will back the loan (but again - you may need to pay back more via salary in the long run, paying the airline for the risk they took on you). Read the small print.

Some schemes will include the training and board, but not food, uniform, travel. Read the small print.

With the loans that are loaded on you, you will be essentially forced to remain with a sponsoring airline for many years, with your salary heavily docked to pay them off, being sent wherever the airline wants you, for the first part of your career. First officer take home pay is not big for the first few years.

Most pilots who go to the airlines go though these schemes - it is much easier to get a job at the end of training via a sponsored scheme. Only a few unlucky people have got burnt by them (one of the larger training providers folded a few years, leaving many people in the lurch).

The schemes generally end up with you getting an MPL and perhaps a Type Rating. This (ironically) doesn't let you fly small aircraft after you've finished (you don't automatically get PPL or CPL privileges or an SEP rating) . Some providers allow you to get that as well. Ask them & read the small print.

Oh yes - did I say again - Read the small print. You may have to ask for the small print to read.