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Did my first solo nav on the 13th of May. North Weald - Rochester Airport - Chelmsford - North Weald

Was ready but fairly nervous considering I was abroad for Saturday and came back to the UK 1h30mins before my first solo. Did my planning on my way to the UK too - pulling my map and all in the A320 got me some stares and curious questions.

Got everything spot on and got to Chelmsford where I am supposed to know how to get back home even without a compass, so I relaxed my brain for 60 seconds only to realize I wasn't actually sure which way to go and which is the road I need to follow. Calmed down, circled once and then made my mind up eventually guiding myself back. Runway direction was changed, but had no issues and landed back safely. I am a very very happy student, but also I am now thinking about this weekend's route which I've not flown so far and will be a lot more challenging.
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