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Did my first solo nav on the 13th of May. North Weald - Rochester Airport - Chelmsford - North Weald

Was ready but fairly nervous considering I was abroad for Saturday and came back to the UK 1h30mins before my first solo. Did my planning on my way to the UK too - pulling my map and all in the A320 got me some stares and curious questions.

Got everything spot on and got to Chelmsford where I am supposed to know how to get back home even without a compass, so I relaxed my brain for 60 seconds only to realize I wasn't actually sure which way to go and which is the road I need to follow. Calmed down, circled once and then made my mind up eventually guiding myself back. Runway direction was changed, but had no issues and landed back safely. I am a very very happy student, but also I am now thinking about this weekend's route which I've not flown so far and will be a lot more challenging.
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Been an interesting few weeks for me - completed my LAPL QXC just over a week ago and had my skills test booked for yesterday.

Unfortunately, yesterday was pretty shocking weather wise down in the south west so wasnt expecting it to happen at all. Despite looking OK locally and the METARs of nearby airfields looking clearer, the TAFs and METARs for airports further north (where my nav route would take us) were looking decidedly dodgy and plenty mention of the dreaded CBs

I made the decision (which I feel was the right one) to take the test in 2 parts, doing all the general handling, circuits and emergency procedures and delaying the nav for another day. I think splitting it actually makes it a bit easier to deal with so I was quite happy with that decision and I think my examiner was pleased to see me making a good safety decision.

While they can't give a formal pass/fail on the performance of the day, it all went well and no significant issues came up in the debrief. Even the PFL which I was dreading, and came up as an engine fire simulation, went remarkably well.

Just have to complete the Nav on Friday and should finally see it across the line
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LOL. Good work so far. QXC added for sure. I won't start a new category for half a skills test ;), but since you've done 50% of it, I've put it in at 50% font size for now... fully expecting to make it full size on Friday evening 8)