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By Ragwing
Just in case gliding doesn't float your boat.

Please dont discount micro-lighting to quickly.

Lots of things in its favour.

At the micro airfield I fly from with its own school...we get lots and lots of GA pilots migrating here from expensive GA.

Micros can be very very affordable to own your own...to me owning my own a/c is a must.

And the club feeling at your average microlight club is very friendly.

Lots of people have negative feeling about microlight aircraft without ever looking at one.....you really need to take a close look at some.

£110 per hour at Balado.


I hope you find what your looking for with gliding.
By felixflyer
If you are not going commercial then why is there a rush to get the actual Licence?

If you just want to be flying then I would stop focusing on the big figure required to get your licence and just book a lesson. Flying is flying whether you are having PPL lessons or out on your own. I know people that took years to get their PPL having a lesson as and when they could afford it. There are also many people who, once they got their licence, gave up as they no longer had something to work towards.

I probably couldn't afford it when I started and if I only looked at the final figure for 45 hours may never have started. As it turned out a lesson here and there as time and funds allowed with a couple of breaks and a few more intensive times and soon enough the skills test came around. I also really enjoyed the PPL training and the first solo then first solo nav give a great sense of achievement.

If there s no rush I would just book a lesson and enjoy the experience of training for the PPL.

Once you have done that and if you want to continue then definitely look into the LAA.
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By rf3flyer
Jazzer wrote:Had confirmation from Highland Aviation, £6899 for 45 hrs, all landing fees and written exams. Unfortunately it requires a one off payment.

Flying is so expensive! And that's just to get the licence never mind paying to fly once qualified.

Do NOT make a single up front payment.

Without intending to say or imply that Highland Aviation is the same, their predecessor at Inverness folded leaving some people, one of whom I know, out of pocket with no redress. Pay as you go.

You might complete the course in 45 hours but many (most?) require more. Personally I would budget for a minimum of 50 hours, more if your training is intermittent, but I have known one person who took over 100!

Had a discussion once with a lady at a fly-in and we got to discussing the costs of our hobbies. Her's was golf and we came to the conclusion that that was the more expensive.
By Delta Echo
I have three friends close to your age (older or younger a bit), one of them is just applying for airliners , the second one just did and got the job, the third one is still waiting for more experience to apply, doing ATP theory right now...
and all of them started flying after 30.... so....

yes, had problems with financing, I know many people, or using bank loan or choose a boring but well paying job (IT) just to be able to fly... but everything is possible.

and airliner is not the only way earning money int he future.... what about parachuters, flight instructor, CPL and sightseeing flights, etc etc etc etc
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By r1flyguy
cotterpot wrote:Jazzer's last post Oct 2017

Just sayin

Holy thread resurrection :lol:
By cockney steve
Jazzer! shame on you! There is a real shortage of Commercial pilots right now, although, IIRC, your eyesight precludes that? Have you checked if Contact -lenses are permissible?- glasses? Things are always changing. If you want to fly for sheer enjoyment, then as long as you meet the requirements for driving, you can fly.

Heard a tale of a Commercial Pilot, on a sunny day, who donned sunglasses and boarded with a Passenger's guide-dog which led him along the aisle to it's owner, whereupon he handed over the dog and made his way to the cockpit. No Pax got off!

No good lying in your wooden overcoat, wishing you'd done........

You are a long time dead. I hate the 45 minute drag to the nearest airfield, but once I'm there, usually have a great few hours. A subscription to our own "Flyer " magazine is not excessive. nor is membership of the LAA or the BMAA . that covers the "powered" side of flying and there's also the motor-assisted gliders that are worthy of consideration.
If you are keen on cycling or motorcycling, then Flexwings might appeal. I have tried the experience and absolutely loved it. it's nowhere near as exposed as it looks, in fact it felt safer than the "big wheel" at the seaside fairground. As people have said, get a logbook and just have a lesson when the mood takes you.
Have a friend who trained to solo and then chucked it in when father became ill....then mother......several years elapsed , then another friend decided to take up flying....first mate became re-motivated and picked up again. each lesson had been signed-off in his old logbook and the CAA allowed them to count.....he gained his licence.

(we used to bunk-off together to go flying ,both owned garages at that time) Unlike him, I had 3 kids and their mother to support....We're all 3 retired now! other chap went on to instructor, night rating CPL....aerial photography.....One of the lucky ones, born with the proverbial silver spoon, but it never showed! absolutely great guy really had the ability and absolutely no need to work if he didn't choose.

Go and try it! every "trial lesson" will count ,as long as you fill it in and the instructor signs it!
By Glider Steve
Jazzer I never even considered flying until my son showed me some YouTube videos of a 14 year old learning to fly a glider just about 10 weeks ago. I’m now 30 glider flights in, one lesson in a Cessna 172 and just signed up for my NPPL learning on an old AX2000 fixed wing microlight with a view to joining a syndicate (c£2k) and flying for £45 per hour wet.
Like lots of things in life, sit down, work out you can’t really afford it....and just do it anyway!

The only advice I can give you really is SEIZE THE DAY!!!!!

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By Jazzer
Does anyone have any experience of Scottish Aero Club at Perth? I've been looking at their site and feel it may be the best of both worlds with more affordable costs than traditional power flying. I'm particularly interested in the ev97 Eurostar which has favourable reviews.
By Crash one
I would say that Scottish Aero Club Perth is THE best place in Scotland for location, training, friendly service, you name it.
By Jazzer
£135 per hour for training on a Eurostar thereafter £95 per hour wet for hire once qualified seems like a good deal.
By Jazzer
What's the best ppl training aircraft? I like the look of ACS fight training at Perth and they tend to use the C152 as their basic trainer. Personally I prefer low wing aircraft but does it really matter whilst training?
By johnm
Jazzer wrote:What's the best ppl training aircraft? I like the look of ACS flight training at Perth and they tend to use the C152 as their basic trainer. Personally I prefer low wing aircraft but does it really matter whilst training?

C152 is a perfectly good training aircraft and moving between types doesn't usually involve too much effort.